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One year after launching its innovation program on three years, #i2M (Intelligence to Mobility), Mobility Tech Green has been awarded for its expertise by winning a CES Innovation Award in the Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation category. One of the most prestigious award worldwide and which is particularly timely as the company from Rennes, France, is about to celebrate its ten years anniversary.

Ten years. Ten years of growth, partnerships and of technological evolutions to be recognized today as the leader of B2B carsharing in Europe. Since its creation in 2009, Mobility Tech Green develops software and hardware solutions while keeping in mind its first objective: optimizing the vehicles’ fleet of its clients. Our carsharing solution, e-Colibri™, is deployed in the three biggest corporate fleets in France (Orange, Enedis and La Poste) and manage more than 7000 vehicles.

But far from resting on our laurels, our company wishes to push even further. To reach that goal, e-Colibri™ is evolving into a MaaS (Mobility as a Service) platform, proposing a complete mobility offer, from the first to the last mile. Alternative means of transportation, perfectly complementing our carsharing service: carpooling, bikesharing and other micro-mobilities (such as electric scooters). The ambition? Offering a real mobility ecosystem to our clients, thus optimizing the travels of their employees while answering to their financial and environmental issues. The Innovation Award delivered by the CES is rewarding this expansion and this desire of evolution regarding corporate mobility.

“We are very proud of this award, which is the culmination of 2 years of research and development. Our i2M program takes shape and this capacity to innovate is rewarded today, as well as our will to offer to our clients efficient connected mobility solutions.”

Pascal Roux, CEO of Mobility Tech Green

Our innovation program, #i2M

Mobility Tech Green: our story, our vision
Discover the story of Mobility Tech Green and the #i2M program in video!

Announced in september 2018, during the event Mobility & Co, our innovation program #i2M is a roadmap for our company, up to 2020. On this road to innovation, there are ten different but complementary research and development topics.

We are well aware at Mobility Tech Green that carsharing takes part in a much larger context. It’s only a piece in a mobility universe in constant evolution. The future prospects on this market are numerous, ambitious and can only drive innovation for our R&D team. From blockchain to augmented reality, while thinking of the automation of processes, all of these projects have the same goal: inject intelligence into our clients’ mobility and ensure the best user experience possible.

One year later, some of these projects are already becoming realities! It’s the case for ODE & Aiko.

Focus on ODE, our proprietary onboard computer

September 2019 has been a very important month for Mobility Tech Green, and especially for our technical crew! After several months of research and development, we are very proud to present to you our onboard computer, ODE.

Smaller and lighter, it is a 100% proprietary device. The first goal of this hardware equipment is to improve even more the user path of our carsharing solution, with additional responsiveness and innovations.

It has been designed by taking into account the feedbacks from our clients and installers over the years. The goal was to make the installation on vehicles easier and to answer to carsharing requirements of today and tomorrow. After an in-house testing phase, ODE is being progressively installed in our clients’ fleets.

Key features

Innovation Award ODE proprietary

A proprietary computer

Mobility Tech Green controls all the software and hardware layers of the device.

Innovation Award ODE 4G

Compliant with the 4G

ODE communicates in 4G to ensure an optimal reactivity from the vehicle.

Innovation Award ODE compatibility

Compatible with most vehicles

Thermal or electric, recent or less recent, ODE can be installed on a very large range of models.

Innovation Award ODE bluetooth

Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth allows the vehicle to be connected with the information system, even without network.

Aiko, the artificial intelligence at the service of fleet management

Innovation Award

Aiko has been awarded by the first prize in the “Service of the year” category for the Trophées de L’Automobile & L’Entreprise 2018.

On our software platform e-Colibri the analysis and exportation of data are essential. They give the possibility to managers to quantify the use of their fleet and to adjust their mobility offer accordingly.

With Aiko (Artificial Intelligence for Keyless Organizations) we wish to go even further. How? By grabbing the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence for corporate mobility. After the data returns in real time, the idea here is to provide predictive reports, anticipating and answering to the needs of fleet managers.

Thanks to the development of a dedicated algorithm, the tool is capable of “scanning” the past activity of the fleet and to collect external data (weather, pollution, traffic…). Following this first extraction, data are translated and communicated to the manager on the platform.

Thus, each advice is unique and dedicated to a fleet in particular. Another step towards a smarter corporate mobility!

You will be attending the CES next year? Meet the team of Mobility Tech Green at Las Vegas from the 7th to the 10th of January. We will be waiting for you at the Smart Cities space, located at the Westgate, booth 1035.


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