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Corporate mobility evolves with e-Colibri

e-Colibri™: the reference of B2B carsharing

Do you need to manage and optimize your vehicle fleet using carsharing? The e-Colibri™ solution gives you all the keys to offer to your employees a convenient mobility service. From the registration of vehicles on the administration platform to the billing of additional services, the e-Colibri software gathers all the functionnalities of a self-service offer, both for fleet managers and workers. You will have access to a management platform, in order to monitor the activity of your fleet in real time, as well as a booking platform enabling your employees to book a shared vehicle whenever they want, and in just a few clicks!

More than software platforms, e-Colibri™ is also the demonstration of a savoir-faire regarding hardware. In order to make the logistic of your fleet easier and to offer an optimal user path for the subscribers, an hardware kit can also be installed on your vehicles to automatize and secure various processes (locking and unlocking vehicles, taking the keys, data collection…). Our main goal? To accompany you into the transformation of your corporate mobility, thanks to a careful attention to the market and constant innovations.

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An award-winning solution

CES Innovation Awards 2020
In the Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation category

Technology Innovator Awards 2019
Corporate Mobility Innovation Award

L’Automobile & L’Entreprise Trophies 2018
1st price in the Service of the year category

Crisalide Numérique 2016
Laureate in the Green Tech category


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The different types of corporate carsharing



Round-trip carsharing

Round-trip car sharing

This kind of carsharing is the most common one, corresponding to the historical version of carsharing. The user takes a vehicle parked on a station specifically dedicated to this service and has to return it at the same station. A round-trip carsharing service will often be invoiced via a monthly or annual subscription. It can also be declined as a hourly cost or kilometer cost.

Free-floating carsharing

Free floating carsharing

This other type of carsharing makes vehicles available to the users inside a defined area of an agglomeration. The subscribers can spot a disposable vehicle via geo-tracking on their smartphones and instantly book it. This service mostly use per-minute billing, therefore encouraging short hauls

One-way carsharing

One-way carsharing

Very similar to the «  in the loop  » carsharing model, the one-way concept consist of taking a self-service vehicle and restore it in one of the dedicated stations. It distinguishes itself from the in the loop carsharing in the sense that the user can return its vehicle in any stations of the network.

Between companies carsharing

Between companies carsharing

Ideal for commercial or industrial activity zones with a strong urban congestion, this type of carsharing allows companies to share a fleet of self-service vehicles among their employees via an online multimodal platform. The goal is simple: make sure that every employee has access to a vehicle, even when there is an availability problem on one of the sites.

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The benefits of carsharing according to your profile

Our carsharing solution can answer to various issues depending on your profile. Whether you are a fleet manager wishing to optimize the access and the management of your service vehicles, an employee in the purchasing function aiming to decrease your mobility budget or if you are working towards a reduction of your carbon footprint, you will benefit of contents answering to your specific problematics. Finally, if you are a renter of vehicles or a B2C carsharing operator, you can access to our white label’s partnership propositions. Click on your profile and discover how Mobility Tech Green can help you reach your goals!

A product that redefine your corporate mobility

e-Colibri™: the reference of B2B carsharing

Are you looking for a carsharing service to better manage your fleet? The software solution e-Colibri can give you all the tools to offer to your employees a seamless mobility.

From the registration of your vehicles on the platform to the invoice of additional services, e-Colibri centralizes all the functionalities of an automated self-service offer both for fleet managers and end users.

e-Colibri carsharing solution

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