A reduction of your fleet management budget with carsharing

Mobility is the second costs item for a company. By introducing carsharing you will be able to reduce rather considerably the budget related to your fleet management. You’re working at the purchasing department of your company? Quickly discover how a carsharing service can produce a return on investment and how to maintain it in the long run.

What consequences on your mobility budget?

25% reduction on your fleet budget

By raising the use rate of your service vehicles, the e-Colibri solution allows a better distribution of costs related to maintenance and management. Automation of numerous processes frees time for your fleet manager so that he can concentrate on added value tasks.

A fleet's size reduced by 30%

A better use of vehicles means a reduction of the fleet’s size! With our statistical module found on the management back office observe in real time the reservation rate of specific vehicles and thus adapt your offer according to the tracked used patterns. A vehicle open to carsharing it’s 12 less individual vehicles on the road!

A pro/perso option for a quick ROI

Available for professional travels, the e-Colibri solution can also offer the pro/perso option. This feature gives the possibility to employees to reserve service vehicles on evenings and weekends for a minimal fee. A perfect way to improve your staff’s work environment, with a convenient additional service, while taking care of your budget thanks to a quick return on investment!