The story of Mobility Tech Green

Since its creation in may 2009, Mobility Tech Green always offered innovative technological tools for companies and collectivities to help them improve their vehicles fleets.

The last two years have been real milestones in the story of the company based in Rennes, France. In january 2017, it announced a fund raising of 5.5 millions euros. True realization of its international ambition and development, this fund raising made possible an unprecedented evolution for the company during the year. Thanks to that, Mobility Tech Green seized new business and partnership opportunities.

Early 2018 its presence as exhibitors at the CES Las Vegas demonstrated its will to export its technological solutions, to confront new markets and thus new challenges. This experience, especially rewarding, also was the opportunity to present the first component of its innovation program, i2M, with its artificial intelligence project dedicated to Mobility, Aiko. 

Humanly speaking the company has grown like never before during these two decisive years, with a significant increase of the number of employees and an important restructuring of each department.

New employees, with new skills and, most of all, a new point of view to bring to the activity. The office space becoming too small, Mobility Tech Green moved in new premises late june of 2018, doubling the surface of work spaces.

Mobility Tech Green e-Colibri

Benefiting today of this new space perfect for transverse projects, Mobility Tech Green definitely turns its gaze towards the future and is well aware that the transformation of the mobility market has only begun. With this in mind, the company has announced in september 2018 its innovation programme on three years, Intelligence to Mobility (I2M).

From the evolution of its software platforms to the addition of new technologies, such as blockchain or artificial intelligence, Mobility Tech Green aims to transform all these changes into opportunities to grow further. Its main ambition? Bring constant evolution to its solutions and offer to its clients innovative and efficient services to move together towards the future of B2B mobility.

Mobility Tech Green timeline