Reducing my carbon footprint thanks to shared mobility

As part of a sustainable corporate mobility strategy, carsharing turns out to be an ideal solution for both enhancing your employees’ trips while minimizing the carbon footprint of your organization. A vehicle open to carsharing can replace up to 12 individual vehicles on the road!

Immediate operational benefits

Reduction of the number of vehicles
Improving the use rate of your vehicles via the use of a carsharing service means that you can adjust the size of your fleet according to the effective mobility habits of your employees. With our statistics module, that can be found on the management back office, you can observe in real team the reservation rate of each of your vehicles and therefore adapt your fleet.
A real impact on carbon footprint

Reducing your vehicles fleet’s size is also an efficient way to do your bit for the environment. Less vehicles equals less carbon emission, less noise pollution and less road congestion!

A perfect way to introduce electric vehicles

Implementing a carsharing service in your fleet can be a way to introduce new kind of vehicles. The most practical example is the addition of electric vehicles. Professionals trips being often urban or suburban on short distances, electric vehicles are especially relevant if suitable for your employees’ uses.

A connected and multimodal mobility

The software solution e-Colibri also gives you the possibility to construct a multimodal mobility offer for your users. You can indeed propose a carpooling option between employees or add shared bikes open to reservation on the platform. Having the right type of vehicle at the right moment to rationalize your employees’ mobility and your budget: this is the major challenge of a corporate multimodal mobility.