The B2B car sharing solution for your corporate mobility

e-Colibri™ is THE corporate carsharing solution. Designed to optimize your vehicle fleet in order to ensure its sizing, it will help you to manage your mobility on a daily basis.

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e-Colibri™ Solution

An evolutive corporate car sharing solution

From 29,90€/month by vehicle

e-Colibri™ already seduced the biggest corporate fleets in France. Indispensable to any company or collectivity owning a vehicle fleet, our solution is adaptable to fit with your specific requirements.

e-Colibri™ solution

Software platforms made for your mobility

Management back office

As the result of more than 10 years of expertise, our e-Colibri™ fleet management tool enables you to manage your carsharing vehicles, from the validation of the vehicles to the export of statistic data. This platform will become your daily working tool in order to have a better understanding of your fleet’s activity and to adapt it to the real needs of your co-workers.

Vehicles management

All the data relative to your shared vehicles are informed on individual “sheet”. On the same page, get all the details your need about your vehicles, their statuses or even their reservation rates. From the management back office, you can also easily plan maintenances. 

Subscribers management

Every user of your service has to be added on the back office to be able to make reservations on vehicles. From this platform, you can verify their information (especially driving licences) and validate their subscription. If for any reason they can’t make a booking on the vehicle, you will be able to make one for them directly on your management tool. 

Statistics module

The statistics module is one of the most powerful tool of the back office. Collecting data on the use of your vehicles, it provides numerous data and charts (number of subscribers, reservations, time of anticipation, mileage…) that can help to optimize the vehicle fleet according to the observed results. 

Real-time alerts

On the dashboard of your platform, you can have access to every alert pertaining to your fleet’s activity: subscriptions to handle, batteries alerts, new messages… A genuine decision support tool.

Booking front office

The reservation front office enables your users to book a self-service vehicle in only a few clicks.

Bookings management

Every employee is given an access to the reservation front office. From there, they can easily book a shared vehicle. They just need to indicate their departure and returning times as well as their reference parking to view the schedules of the available vehicles. In case something unexpected happens, they can also cancel or extend their reservation from that platform. 

Carpooling module

Even if they don’t have their driving licences, employees can benefit from the carsharing service thanks to a carpooling module. While making a reservation, the subscriber can open its travel to carpooling. If another employee have to make a similar travel, they can get in touch to take the road together!

Multimodal platform

More than cars, other means of transportation can be offered on the reservation platform. From electric bikes to scooter, all your mobility offer is gathered on the same online tool.

e-Manager™ mobile application

The e-Manager™ application is your employees’ new mobility assistant! Designed as the mobile addition to the front office, it enables them to create and manage their vehicle reservations, even when they are away on business trips, and more!

Book a vehicle

From the mobile application, users can make a reservation on a vehicle in just a few screens. All they have to do is to enter their preferences (hours of departure and return, parking, number of kilometers…). Once a vehicle is booked, they will be able to locate it directly on a map. 

Unlock and lock a vehicle

More than a booking platform, e-Manager™ also acts as a “key” for the vehicle. Indeed, instead of using their badges to open the doors, subscribers can use the mobile application to communicate with the vehicle.

Check-ins and check-outs

Before and after his reservation, the user can perform a check-in of the vehicle to inform the fleet manager of eventual damages. 

Eco-driving module

The eco-driving module is here to inform the user of the quality of his driving. It observes acceleration rates, braking, and other data to deliver a final score to the driver. It can be a powerful tool to sensitize employees about road safety.

e-Colibri™ Solution

A hardware expertise for your fleet management
On-board computer

Our on-board computer benefits from the last technologies in order to be compatible with most vehicles and to communicate even more quickly with the information system when a reservation is made. That equipment is at the heart of the e-Colibri™ solution.

Badge reader

Designed just for carsharing services our badge reader (located on the windshield) allow the use of RFID & NFC technologies. Possibilities are numerous: vehicles can be unlocking using a professional badge, a smartphone, or even a smartphone thanks to our e-Access remote control technology on the mobile application e-Manager 

End-way button

The on-board kit also includes an end-way button. This equipment enables the user to end its reservation very easily. Located near the steering wheel, it “frees” the vehicle and makes it available to reservation once again.

Connected keybox

Located in the glove box of the vehicle, the keybox contains the vehicle’s keys as well as the fuel card if necessary. If the keys are not in the keybox at the end of the reservation, it is impossible to lock the doors. This additional security prevents the loss of keys.

Frequently asked questions
What are the advantages of the carsharing system compared to a numeric key box?

From a logistic point of view, the carsharing service helps to secure even more the access to the vehicle’s keys while keeping them in a connected key box inside the vehicle. Users do not need to make a detour before and after their reservation: they can go directly to the booked vehicle with their card or smartphone in hand.

Can vehicles be booked on evenings and weekends?

Thanks to carsharing, and more particularly the professional/personal option, you can open the vehicles to reservation outside of the working hours. A perfect way to guarantee the return on investment of the service, maximise the use of your vehicles while offering this advantage to your employees!

Do I need to change the vehicles of my fleet to benefit from the carsharing service?

Our on-board e-Colibri™ kit can be installed on a wide majority of vehicles: no need to renew your fleet to launch into it!

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