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Véhicules Orange OAP



Client since 2013, Orange trusted us once more in early 2015 to develop a new option, optimizing even than more their service vehicles fleet: the pro/perso option.

Energy provider


After two years of partnership with Enedis Bretagne with our car sharing solution e-Colibri™, we launched the innovative project Autodispatch.

Marguerite Autopartage

B2C operator


Since 2012, the local operator Marguerite Nantes chose Mobility Tech Green as technological partner to deploy its B2C car sharing offer. Learn more about the main aspects of this partnership.

Service autopartage Saint-Nazaire


City of Saint-Nazaire

Pooling part of its fleet since 2013, the city of Saint-Nazaire wanted to take a further step towards automation by offering a car sharing service to its agents.

Consulting firm


As part of its CSR approach, the company Expleo has been working with Mobility Tech Green for 5 years around car sharing. In 2019, the group launched a bike sharing service.

Valorex auto partage

Food industry


Specializing in the manufacture of seeds for animal feed, Valorex has set up a car-sharing service to facilitate the travel of its employees to their customers.

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