A daily optimization of my vehicles fleet

As part of your fleet management, Mobility Tech Green can help you set up an intelligent and shared mobility for the employees using your service vehicles. A real asset for your logistic and your daily tasks.

Immediate operational benefits

No more keys exchanges

Access to your vehicles more easily thanks to self-service. No more need for a desk dedicated to keys’ distribution: your employees can directly unlock reserved vehicles with their individual badge or their smartphone. A gain of time for you, but also the guarantee that the keys are always at the place they need to be. Indeed, a connected keybox is installed in each vehicle’s glove compartment you decide to open to carsharing. If the keys are not placed correctly after the end of the booking, the user is unable to lock the vehicle with his badge.

Checking out your vehicles condition can be a very tedious and time-consuming task, both for your fleet managers and your final users. By using our mobile application e-Manager, your service’s subscribers can make the vehicles’ check out from their smartphone. If they note any damage they can photograph it and directly sent the informations to the manager so he can plan eventual repairs.

Precise kilometer reading

e-Colibri gives you access to numerous statistical data concerning the use of your vehicles. Among them, the automatic kilometer reading can be precious to plan maintenances on your vehicles while increasing your productivity.

An optimization of your vehicles' utilization

The management back office of e-Colibri gives you an overview of your fleet’s activity. If one of your vehicle is underused, the software can push it forward so that users reserve it in priority. Thus, your costs are better dispatched between your vehicles and you can adjust the size or typology of your fleet according to the observed uses.

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