It is not a secret: urban mobility is fully changing. As services are multiplying, users got accustomed to a mobility both flexible and accessible, where you want, when you want, whenever you want. So why not apply these same qualities to corporate mobility by offering multimodal offers?

The interest is definitely here: 55% of europeans are interested by MaaS (Mobility as a Service) according to a study of the french initiative l’Observatoire des mobilités émergentes. Time gain, flexibility, financial savings made by using a vehicle instead of owning one. Such are the factors that could accelerate this switch of mobility consumption.

In companies and local authorities, mentalities are also evolving. Changes that can be explained by environmental and financial issues. But the strong impact that numeric uses have on our daily lives is not unrelated. Many recent governmental regulation regarding mobility are taking into account these new problematics, such as the LOM (Loi d’orientation des mobilités) in France which promote the use of alternative and/or shared mobilities.

For a company or a local authority, proposing a multimodal offer to its employees it’s both answering to their mobility eneds while optimizing the use of the fleet. A diversified offer that can answer to many typologies of travels!

What mobilities for which travels?


Carsharing is one shared mobility that is more and more often introduced in corporate fleets. It gives the possibility to employees to book a self-service vehicle whenever they need one. Perfect to go to meetings outside the workplace. Carsharing can also be offered on evenings and weekends to employees. A way to offer a convenient mobility while making your service profitable!


Carpooling in the work environment can have many forms. It can be used for travels during work hours, the typical example being a meeting attended by two same persons. But the most popular use of carpooling is without a doubt for commuting. It’s perfect for saving money while renforcing social link between employees.


For small distances, nothing’s better than bikes! Bikesharing is perfect to travel between sites of the same company, but also to go to meetings in urban centers (and thus escaping parking problematics!). 

Multimodality for corporate mobility: the e-Colibri™ offer

The regulatory framework around mobility in urban areas changed dramatically during these last few years. And companies, whose vehicles are representing a large part of the automotive fleet in circulation, have an essential part to play in this evolution. That’s why Mobility Tech Green imagined a multimodal and flexible mobility offer, to answer both the individual issues that companies are experiencing as well as the collective ones!

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