Bikesharing: an asset for your corporate mobility

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It’s done! The french government voted on june 11th the establishement of a sustainable mobilities credit for companies. One of the last public initiatives in Europe to promote bike use as part of corporate mobility.

Bikesharing: what benefits for companies and employees?

For companies,promoting bike can highly benefit to the overall health of their employees. According to a study published by the french organization “Club des villes et territoires cyclables”, by introducing bikes into the corporate mobility there are twice less employees lacking physical exercise. In average, in the 66 surveyed companies by the club, an employee that comes to work biking will take 15% less sick leavesthan a colleague taking a car everyday.

As for the users, it encourages physical activity while improving their buying power by repurposing charges that were linked to the maintenance of a motorized vehicle. More globally, it improves their well-being at work. 

The encouragement to use bikes rather than cars to go to work can of course be made by the reimbursement of travel expenses, if the employees use their own bicyles. But employers can use other ways to convince their staff members. One indispensable thing, for example, is to ensure that they can benefit from secured parking spaces for their bikes. Companies can also choose to participate to the care of the employees’ bikes or they can distribute a “bike kit” (yellow reflective jacket…) to make sure that the users are safe on the road when coming to and from work. 

But today a new solution emerges and seduces more and more companies: the introduction of self-service bikes inside corporate fleets.

An evolution for corporate fleets

Very popular in big cities, bikesharing services are getting more and more numerous and successful. Ecological, flexible and accessible to everyone, bike is taken more seriously as a solution to difficult mobility in urban areas. In many european countries, the use of bikes is fully  integrated in governmental initiatives promoting sustainable mobilities. All these changes pathed the way to the introduction of bikes in corporate mobility strategies. 

Corporate fleets are evolving, far from the 100% cars model. The shared use of vehicles, with carsharing and carpooling services, are more and more common. And bikes can provide a complementary answer to these different services. That’s why today providers offer to companies turnkey bikesharing services.

The bikesharing offer by Mobility Tech Green

In this perspective, Mobility Tech Green partnered up with Mobendi, a company specialized in self-service electric bikes, to build this new bikesharing offer. The service includes the provision of the electric bikes, of the secured charging stations(coupled to a solar station, charging stations don’t need electrical connection and thus are 100% autonomous), the installationthe insurancehelmets as well as an access to the booking platform e-Colibri™

We developed a communication system between the bikes and e-Colibri™ that makes the locking and unlocking of the bike using a professionnal badge or a smartphone possible. The booking is made from the front office and/or the mobile application. The employee can afterwards unlock the bike on the charging station. He can use the service for commuting, togo to other locations of the companyor during mid-day breaks.

This new offer is directly available on or multimodal platform. From this platform, your employees have access to all mobility services from a single booking tool. Therefore, the system can propose to him the best mean of transportation for his travel. A perfect way to improve working conditions while optimizing the fleet budget of the company on a daily basis.


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