“Do not leave us” begs this last message in your inbox. This is the last of a long series of emails that have been flooding messaging services for the past few days. Behind this spam wave, worthy of a love reconquest strategy is the application on the 25thMay of the famous GDPR, which now requests companies to obtain an explicit consent from their users to retain and handle their personal information. 

Every entity collecting personal data of European citizen in the frame of their activity will be directly concerned by this new General Data Protection Regulation. Voted in 2016 by the European Union, it will standardise European laws ruling the protection of personal data known as “sensitive”. 

Among them, transports will need to guarantee an exemplary conformity to the GDPR. Service mobility, connected vehicles, online reservation platforms: today, the world of transports is the source of an exponential quantity of personal information of its users. Companies and administrations will need to be transparent and inform their users of: 

  • Motive of the data collection, their final aim
  • People or organisations having access to these data
  • Duration of conservation of these data before deletion
  • Modalities for people to exercise their rights of withdrawal, modification or oblivion

Public operators as well as specialised companies will need to track the treatment of personal information to guarantee its conformity, having access to various data including names, addresses or phone numbers. What is at stake? Customer relations to begin with and the loyalty of customers trusting the measures set up by the companies to guarantee the safety of their information. 

In the meantime, this rather unusual stream of requesting emails gave internet the opportunity to once again show some great imagination. 

GDPR at Mobility Tech Green 

At Mobility Tech Green, we have been working for several months now on our compliance to GDPR. We appointed a DPO (Data Protection Officer), we adapted our forms so that they now include a withdrawal of personal information section, we updated our internal confidentiality agreements as well as the ones of our subcontractors. We developed all of these actions to guarantee the data protection of our clients and users of our solutions.  

Visit the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) for more information

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