Covid-19: what impact on the car sharing market in 2020 and what to expect in 2021?

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Obviously, the health crisis of this year 2020 had huge consequences on the way we moved, all around the world. As many countries were in quarantine, transportation just…stopped. In a perpetually moving world, it was sure a strange period of time. But it also allowed to observe new challenges and opportunities for companies and mobility operators. With one clear goal behind all this thinking: how to ensure the security of each user while still providing an efficient service? This challenge was more than relevant for the car sharing market. 

New priorities for users: physical distance and cleanliness

According to a survey conducted by McKinsey Center for Future Mobility, these two critera were by far the most important during lockdown for almost half the respondants when they had to choose a mean of transportation.

This need of reassurance will be there for a long time, especially in public transportation where it can be easily crowded and cleanings are less easy to perform. This same survey highlights that the use of private car should rise, as it is perceived as the safest way to travel right now.

As for car sharing, even during the last few months it ensured one criteria: social distance. People without an individual vehicle could book a vehicle in car sharing to avoid being in contact with too many people while travelling. Of course, car sharing providers had to reinforce hygiene measures: more frequent cleanings of the vehicles, hydroalcoholic gels and desinfectant wipes in the car, etc. A survey conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is quite encouraging regarding car sharing. Indeed, it shows that heavy users of a car sharing service (10 times or more a week)

But let’s be honest: 2021 will be a decisive year for the car sharing market, which will have to recover and demonstrate its capacity for innovation for the benefit of the user.

During a period of forced immobility, COVID-19 has pushed mobility actors to review their priority and to engage in new promising partnerships to cope. At Mobility Tech Green, we will continue in 2021 to do everything possible to ensure the safety of users of our car sharing solution. But also to innovate every day in order to offer the most suitable offer possible to meet the regulatory, environmental and social challenges of tomorrow.

Do you want to make a change in 2021 and choose car sharing for your company? We’re here for you!

Laura Didelot

Laura Didelot


Marketing Manager chez Mobility Tech Green. À l'écoute des évolutions du marché de la mobilité professionnelle pour vous proposer toujours plus de contenus !🕵️‍♀️💡


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