Not so long ago, sharing a vehicle with colleagues was not something natural for employees, used to have their own vehicle to get by. But for new times, new mobilities. With the multiplication of mobile applications and a rising concern for the environment, the vision of corporate mobility is slowly shifting. And shared mobilities, such as carsharing, are full of opportunities and benefits for companies.

1. Give the choice to your employees

The first noticeable advantage of corporate carsharing is the flexibility it offers to your employees. Not only they can book whenever and wherever they want (thanks mobile applications!) but they also have access to a largest range of vehicles. From a two-seats car to a utility vehicle, the offer is adapted to their needs. For fleet managers, it is a golden opportunity to reshape their fleet and thus guarantee an optimal use-rate of the vehicles. Indeed, non-shared vehicles tend to be parked 90% of the time. A waste of ressources, isn’t it?


2. Save money on your fleet management

And so we introduce the second reason why corporate carsharing should be an obvious choice for companies: savings. It reduces the Total Cost of Mobility (TCO) up to 30% and the use of extra-fleet vehicles, such as taxis. All vehicles are deployed with maximum rotation, freeing in the same time parking spots. By optimizing the use of vehicles, the fleet could be reduced by 25%!

Another source of cost-reduction is the fleet management itself. Corporate carsharing solutions provide management tools that help save time as well as resources. Besides, it gives precious insights on the vehicles use thanks to statistical analysis and easy reporting.

3. Less trafic equals less stress!

Each shared vehicle can replace up to 15 vehicles on the roads. Carsharing could be a major solution to decongestion cities. In some urban areas, commutes are often nightmarish: traffic jams, high-level of stress, tiredness, lack of parking spaces when arrived to the destination… Factors that are directly impacting employee’s motivation and productivity.

A corporate carsharing service can also be extended to extra-hours and weekends, for an extra fee, generating a new source of income. It also greatly contributes to the well-being of the employees and, by extension, the attractivity of the company.

4. Sharing is caring

Caring for your employees and caring for the environment. By implementing a corporate carsharing service, companies can make a real difference. Not only they increase their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by promoting shared travel, but most of all they reduce their global carbon footprint. Less air and noise pollution is not something insignificant. Older vehicles are replaced with newer ones, low-emission models or, more and more often, electric cars.

5. Be a part of tomorrow’s mobility!

Corporate carsharing is a perfect way to introduce new forms of mobilities and embed green thinking amongst the workforce. Employees will be more likely to choose alternative mobilities (public transport, bike, carsharing…) over their individual vehicle, even outside of work.

In that way, companies leaders have a major role to play. They could help shaping tomorrow’s mobility, more sustainable and diverse.

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