e-Colibri is a software solution made to ease your fleet management and to optimize the use rate of your vehicles, whether they are self-service vehicles or part of a carsharing program.

Our software is also a perfect tool for car renting companies. Its functionnalities cover all the process of automated self-service: registration, booking, geo-tracking, access to the vehicle, invoices management as well as telephone and online support.

e-Colibri might interest carsharing operators, short-term or long-term rental operators, companies and local authorities. Flexible and modular, this solution is custom-made to fit each client’s specific needs.

In-vehicle equipments

e-Colibri is not only a software: it also includes in-vehicle equipments directly installed on your fleet. Among them, a board computer, the e-Colibri box, which connect your vehicle to internet making it intelligent and able to communicate precious informations to the fleet manager. A  RFID and NFC reader is installed on the windshield of each vehicle, offering the possibility to your users to unlock it by using a badge, a smartphone, smartphone or simply thanks to our exclusive remote control technology, e-Access, available on our mobile application e-Manager. Last but not least, an end-way button can be found next to the wheel and is a very convenient equipment to instantly end a booking.

A comprehensive platform for the manager and the users

Available online on computer and smartphone, without any installation, our booking application is entirely customizable and enables the user to manage his reservations or to extend one if needed, to check his contact informations and to access his invoices.

e-Colibri interfaces software

On the other side, the manager by using e-Colbri can make its fleet administration far more easier and lower the overall cost of maintenance. This back-office platform gives real time access to all the vehicles and users active in the fleet, making it easier to schedule maintenance for each vehicle according to its status. A statistics modul is also available, giving you a better understanding of your fleet use.

Finally, Mobility Tech Green accompanies every partner in their 2.0 mobility service. A call-center for managers as well as for users is included in our solution, completed by a formation to the software.

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