Carsharing for the telecoms giant

Orange Autopartage (OAP)

Since early 2015, Orange has been able to use a new module developed by Mobility Tech Green: the Pro/Personal service. This new development has enabled Orange to offer an innovative service meeting the requirements of its employees outside working hours while also maximizing the return on investment of its car-sharing service!

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To provide a new mobility service for employees on evenings and weekends

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The idea of now extending its professional car-sharing service to private travel by its employees on evenings and weekends, in return for a financial contribution, arose from two very concrete factors. Firstly, the commitment by Orange’s management to place people at the heart of the company and therefore offer innovative services to its employees. Secondly, the fact that a certain number of vehicles can be underused in terms of mileage. After all, if the initial service plan is sometimes not reached, readjusting it is expensive! Ensuring that vehicles are driven more often enables closer fulfillment of the contractual service plan.

Strong commitments

Orange underlined its strong commitment in terms of corporate social responsibility. In this way, sharing vehicles between users can be a means of positioning oneself within the framework of service-based cars whose use will be adapted to a particular purpose (electric for under 100 km per day, hybrid or diesel for longer journeys, for example).
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The solution

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