Offer residential carsharing in your real estate programmes

If you are a private developer or a social landlord wishing to offer to inhabitants a mobility solution right on their doorstep, that they can use whenever they want, as flexible as the use of a personal vehicle: our carsharing offers are the solution. Our technologies make possible the installation and use of shared vehicles strictly reserved to a group of housings.

A major stake : Build less parking spots in residences 

Reduce the necessity to build parking spots in residences

Housing is the key center of travels planning. It is the main departure point for home-work trips, home-leisure trips, home-vacations trips… It is also the place where we park most of the time our vehicles, such as cars, bicycles and so on. From that observation, we can assume that it is the perfect place to mutualise vehicles between neighbours.
This kind of initiative can reduce the need for additional parking spots in the concerned buildings.

A mobility service dedicated to the inhabitants

Inhabitants will be able to use a mobility service fit for their everyday needs. Thus, each inhabitant can have access to a mean of transportation without having costs related to ownership.

Limit the use of a second vehicle

Giving access to self-service vehicles for inhabitants of a residence naturally reduce the need to use a second private vehicle. In certain cases it can go even further, as the household can get rid of the second dispensable vehicle which was parked on an additional parking spot.

An eco-habitat dimension for your real estate programmes

Finally, you can make your real-estate programmes very attractive by offering an innovative shared mobility service.

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