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in France, 83% of the households own a car and 30% have two of them (INSEE Source 2010)

Yet, it is generally thought that those cars stay stationed 96% of the time. By allowing multiple users to use the same vehicle, the car-sharing is an economic, mature and perennial solution for decongesting the urban areas. The e-colibri solution constitutes then a global offer of services allowing the maximisation of 30% of a vehicle fleet and to cut in half the mileage cost of a car park thanks to the rationalisation of the travels. It applies to every actors of the self-service automobile : car-sharing operators, short-term, mid-term and long-term renter, solution integrators, companies and local authorities, but also to emerging sectors of the self-service automobile, such as peer to peer car-sharing ( between private individuals) or the services linked with the property business.

Eight years of experience for a guaranteed access to the latest technologic innovations.

The e-colibri solution was developed in 2006 by the SMB based in Rennes which created CityRoul’, the car-sharing service of the city of Rennes. This solution is seen today as a precious tool conceived for the self-service vehicles managers. Seven years of experience in the car-sharing sector enables the solution to build, for each one of its customers, a tailored offer with a guaranteed access to the latest technologic innovations :

  • Smartphone applications for the booking and the access to the vehicles.
  • Rental in “total self-service” (without reservation nor withdrawal terminal).
  • Access to the vehicles with the company access cards.
  • Use of the professional vehicle in a personal capacity at a competitive price.
  • Proposal of car-sharing for each reservation.
  • One way system.

Thanks to this experience in the management of shared fleet, the e-colibri solution knows how to adapt to every technologic innovations in order to propose a solution always in touch with the needs of the users.

Our solution’s main advantage is its unique experience in the shared fleet management which enables it to count 3000 monthly users in France, Belgium, and Switzerland. This experience explains the success of the e-colibri solution with companies managing important car parks.


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1 September 2015

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