13 good reasons to chose Mobility Tech Green

  1. Our expertise as french leader specialised in car-sharing.
  2. The importance given to the hosting and to the security of our solution.
  3. The flexibility and the personalisation options offered by the software of our solution.
  4. The quality of the recent and reliable technologies we use.
  5. The perfect integration of our solution in your current working environment.
  6. the rapidity of the deployment of our services in only two or three months.
  7. The full web interface of our upgradeable software package which can be accessed from anywhere.
  8. The personalised follow up of our customers via a unique interlocutor and their support during the handling of our solution : tutorial and online support.
  9. A success already proved : operational since 2007 and 6 partners already equipped.
  10. A solution many times awarded : the Innovation Prize in 2008 during the ITS contest, the Crisalide Trophy in 2009 in the eco-technologies category.
  11. Our all-inclusive range including both the vehicle and our services for a fixed and predictable rent.
  12. A solution with the advantage of not modifying the electronic of the cars, and then preserve the manufacturer’s warranty intact while solving the problem of the keys.
  13. A solution based on an open architecture unlike our competitors, whether it is Mobility in Switzerland, Cambio in Germany, or Zipcar, Flexcar and City-Carshare in the United States, they all use proprietary technical solutions, based on access codes and cutouts.

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1 September 2015

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