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-I am a car-sharing operator looking for a powerful and easy to use technological solution. 

Because we know that there are so many things to do and to worry about when you start a business : the search for fundings, the choice of the technology, the creation of a marketing plan, and the means of communication to use are important decisions to make. Then, we have decided to create e-colibri, a solution to enable you to focus on what matters.

Because when you start your business you can choose to start with a little car fleet, our solution is adjustable. This way, e-colibri will guide you throughout your growth and adapt to the expansion of your fleet. Moreover, and because two businesses aren’t alike, our product is flexible and various optional modules are available in order to adapt to your unique needs.

Finally, our goal is to stimulate and support the development of the car sharing service. Then, our economic pattern lies on the billing of a monthly subscription at a low cost once the solution is installed. There is no need to install softwares anymore, or to face the nightmares of the software versioning or the exorbitant prices of the licenses. Thus, our technology remains affordable for everyone, even for the lowest budgets.

With Mobility Tech Green, adopt today tomorrow’s eco-citizenship

-I represent a company which tries to reduce the volume of its car fleet and to improve its efficiency. 

In their constant search for efficiency, more and more companies give up, successfully, the idea of giving a company car per person. Indeed, thanks to the car sharing they can now offer the access to a vehicle to each one of their co-workers when they need it, in order to increase the efficiency of the professional travels.

Our e-Colibri solution enables you to maximise your car fleet. This way,  you are immediately saving by reducing the number of necessary vehicles thanks to a maximisation of their use. In other words, our solution allows you to reduce the costs of travel of your colleagues without affecting their productivity.

The availability of the vehicles is facilitated and optimised to the maximum : the users immediately know which cars are available, book their vehicle on the internet and do not need to fill in forms anymore. Each user can open the car with his unique card, instead of having to look for the keys every time he uses the vehicle. At the end of the journey, a report is automatically created, no card needs to be returned. Then, after the freedom offered by the bicycle, think about the freedom that the self-service car sharing represents.

-I am a short-term or long-term renter who wants to offer an ecologic and innovative service to his customers.

Because innovation is more than ever a guarantee of success and competitiveness, it needs to become the companies’ priority. But because it is difficult to innovate alone and because major innovations are the result of the association of multiple skills, Mobility Tech Green chose to stand together with national and international renters in order to help them introduce innovation in their strategies for development.

Thanks to our technology, rewarded in 2008 by the Innovation Prize during the ITS contest, the fleet managers will finally be able to focus on the essential tasks since they won’t need to deal with the availabilities of the vehicles and the reservations, with the keys distribution, or to fill in the lease-end reports. All of this will be done in an automatic and independent way by the system.

Moreover, our service caters for companies concerned about the environment and their image since our e-Colibri technology was recently awarded in the eco-technologies category during the Crisalide Trophy in 2009.

Then, simplify your customers’ mobility by offering them an alternative combining the advantages of a private car with the clever savings of car-sharing and the eco-citizenship of the public transports. And, in the mean time, let their travels and your image go green.


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1 September 2015

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