A white label service for carsharing operators

Because we know that when you launch a carsharing offer there are many things to do: searching for financing, choosing a technology, elaborating a marketing plan, opting for the right communication mediums are as many big decisions to make. We decided to create a solution, e-Colibri™, which finally allows you to focus on the more important.

Instant operational benefits

A customized service
Working with you as a white label it’s the guarantee of a carsharing service that looks like you and for which you will be clearly identified. As partners, we are source of proposals and contributor of solutions: up to you to specify your requirements!
Benefit from 12 years of expertise on carsharing
Mobility Tech Green it’s more than 12 years of expertise on the carsharing market, first in the B2C segment than in B2B. This dual expertise and overview on both markets is now used to ensure good practices and an optimum service to our clients and partners.
Cutting-edge technologies for your future services
Far from resting on our laurels, we look towards the future. With that philosophy in mind, Mobility Tech Green established a technical roadmap for the next three years to come, which will give us room for evolution while being attentive to the changes of the market.

Marguerite Nantes: an example of B2C carsharing

Partners since 2012 with the carsharing operator Marguerite (based in Nantes, France), we have been able to provide them real answers to their three main problematics: proximity, accessibility and inclusivity.

Marguerite case study
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