e-Colibri™ Success

The best of B2B Carsharing, tailored to your image

The e-Colibri™ Success offer puts at your disposal Mobility Tech Green’s complete expertise in terms of software development and on-board equipment. Drive your car sharing fleet from your management platform and open your vehicles to reservation for your employees from the reservation website and the e-Manager™ mobile application.

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Register your vehicles and your subscribers

Monitor the activity of your fleet

Plan maintenances and transporting

Export complete statistics reports

Offer a
reservation tool

Discover all the benefits of shared mobility

With your connected carsharing offer, you can manage your vehicle fleet and maximise your co-workers’ travels in an automated way. Thanks to the on-board technology you can compile the information necessary to your fleet management and make your vehicles accessible in self-service.

Why choose e-Colibri™ Success?

Reduce your mobility budget

This shared mobility service enables you to reduce the number of vehicles necessary and to maximise your fleet thanks to the analysis of use.

Make your mobility greener

Carsharing gives you the opportunity to make your fleet greener by introducing alternative motorisation vehicles, while making their initial additional charges profitable.

Improve your efficiency

Put an end to laborious and time-consuming logistics! Thanks to e-Colibri™, automate many tasks to simplify the daily management of your fleet while improving the user’s experience.

Benefit from a tailored offer

Our R&D team can offer you specific developments and functionalities to answer your structure’s very own mobility needs to maximise your travels as much as possible!

Elements included in your e-Colibri™ Success offer

Management back office

Subscribers management

Vehicles management

Reservations management

Invoicing management

Statistics module

Reservation front office

New reservation

On-going reservation management

Carpooling option

Messaging system

Graphic personalisation

e-Manager™ mobile application

New reservation

On-going reservation management

Check-ins & check-outs

Technical support contact

A genuine mobility assistant

e-Colibri™ Box kit

On-board calculator

NFC & RFID windshield reader

End-way button

Connected keybox

Connection of the vehicles to the IS

Services included in your offer

Visio conference training
Fleet managers’ support
Online subscription form
Data science

Optional services

Users support
Guidance programme
Payment platform

Mobility Tech Green's expertise

With more than 10 years of experience on the professional mobility market, Mobility Tech Green guides you from A to Z in your projects. Our aim is to turn our new customers into our partners for tomorrow’s shared mobility.